Our Beginnings

I am Ola Psillos, and this is my Plush Panda story in a nutshell.

I always dreamed of being in the fashion industry however it was never opportune for me to pursue same straight after school and hence I studied law.

Once I was admitted and practicing as an attorney, I started studying fashion design part time on the weekends however, when I fell pregnant with my baby boy, I had to give it up as it was all a bit too much to handle on top of work five days a week, family and super exhausted from being “with child” 🙂

After my precious baby boy was born, he inspired me to pursue my dreams.

Having always been a fashion enthusiast, I wanted to dress my little man cub in the trendiest attire out there.

When I couldn’t find everything I wanted available locally and having always wanted to be in the industry (albeit in women’s fashion), I shifted that passion towards children’s wear and decided to start a company where I would design and make my own garments for children, thus “Plush Panda by Ola” was born.
There were and still are many obstacles to overcome, but words from Marco Pierre White made me ditch my excuses and make my dreams a reality….he said: “If you have a dream, you have a duty to yourself to make it come true.” I haven’t looked back since.

Our Philosophy

“Plush Panda” is a company that aims to encompass everything “contemporary” and “design” from a baby and children’s aspect – that is in clothing as well as accessories like nursery room decor and toys.

Because the founder of the company started off making items for her own baby, she learned how to design products that are not only beautiful and trendy but functional and useful as well.

Most of our products are made individually (many of them by hand) and we would like to keep it that way for as long as possible.

We import some of our fabrics in an attempt to get the most current prints available, but we make use of local suppliers and service providers for our clothing, all of which are made locally, so by purchasing one of our items, you are supporting South African design and small local businesses.